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Measuring Tips For Accurate Ring Size

Having your ring fit perfectly can be a lot more difficult than anticipated. 

We have done the hard work for you, so you just have to follow instructions for your next ring purchase!

There are a couple ways to do this; 


The next way is just the opposite, if you have a ring and unsure what size it is, here is how you determine the ring size;

Now just get your materials and start measuring, and feel the difference when your ring size is the right size!


Occasionally you run into the unexpected problem of knowing how to convert ring sizes from different countries. We have taken the time to supply that for you as well!

Check out the table below:


And here are the Ring Size to mm Comparison Chart.

There is now no excuse for ordering the wrong ring size, and nothing but happy correct purchases!

Enjoy your rings!

-Casual Objects Team ⌚🕶

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