Phone Case Survey's

After a survey was done on 100 Men and Women, asking them questions regarding their mobile phone case and how they protect themselves, you may be interested to know that the top results of each question may or may not be what you expect!

As we all know how popular Apple is, you may assume Apple phone cases were the top purchased brand, but it is surprisingly one of the lowest brands purchased for phone cases. Would you like to know the top brand...? The category brand of "Other" was the winning brand name most purchased!

However when looking at the next question, people typically spend in the $20-$30 range, which we all know is nearly impossible to find a great Apple or other name brand phone case, so how do you compare?

That is why the survey was created, to determine which would you rather... all about the brand name and worth paying more money? Or, something a little cheaper where a smaller unknown brand name for that reasonable price? 

I think there is one thing that we can almost all agree on for the reason behind purchasing the phone case, and that is for the protection of our expensive phones.  

Who knew all the different combinations of reasons people use phone cases...!! Where do you stand in the polls?





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