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  • 『The origin of the storm glass』 Storm Glass bottle was found by the British Navy Admiral Robert FitzRoy. the weather is much important for navies who on the sea. in order to reach their destination smoothly with his soldiers, he need a tool which could predict the weather. Then Storm Glass is widely used from then on.
  • 『Work principle』 The water in a closed glass container is Made of multiple materials. The more and more crystal which in the glass will come out as the temperature gets lower and lower.Although you can’t see the changing with your naked eyes, it keep changing slowly in fact. If you pay attention for the Storm Glass, You will must find the Storm Glass is different in the 4 different seasons
  • 『Stunning decoration』 Each drop glass is handmade. as a glass art ornament which has its own wood base, it is widely use for decorating office, house room, restaurant and wedding. especially for the space of concise style.
  • 『The wonderful gift』 With the unique appearance and its exquisite packaging box Storm Glass is a wonderful gift for families, friends or colleagues. it will be an unexpected surprise for them.
  • 『Satisfactory warranty』 When you have questions, please contact our after-sales staff, they will help you solve the questions within 24 hours, the product warranty time is 3 months, please rest assured to order

Product Description


Storm glass or weather forecast bottles are a device invented by navigators in the 17th century to predict weather changes to predict storms. Although this is a great invention, the inventors were not known to the general public at the time.

Later, the equipment became popular in 1860 under the propaganda of the then British Navy Admiral general: Robert FitzRoy (Director of the British Meteorological Agency).

Composition of the storm glass varies, but these devices are often of little value to the weather forecast, and although they do not have the accuracy of today's advanced electronic forecasts and weather stations, they are still an ancient, beautifully decorated bottle. Modern research has shown that temperature changes are an important cause of crystal growth.

Beautiful Handmade Decoration

In order to make all the items of our brand F Foxkey do the best in the whole market, we always keep making the items carefully. The one you get will be a special one,because each of them were handmade one by one.

With water drop shape design and the a simple wooden base, Storm Glass show us a simple but wonderful style.Beside that, The Crystal in the glass will show you different shape in the 4 different seasons.Get the storm Glass, It must be a great decoration for your home or office.

Storm Glass is also widely used for wedding wedding. The simple but wonderful decoration is loved by more and more people. You should Make a decision that put the Storm Glass on your office, sitting room, study room or some where looks empty .

Festival Gift

Beside the beautiful water drop shape, you will find another special features that the crystal in the glass is different in the 4 different season. It is the reason why Storm Glass is widely like by more and more people .

Christmast Gift

Christmas is coming. You may think about what presents you will give to your families or your friends. Storm Glass is one of the best gift, he / she will must praise you that You choose such a delicate gift for them.

Happiness Time

Look at the families. They get christmas gift from each others. with the wonderful gift, they are all feel happiness. let enjoy this happiness time.


In order to do the better and better for our items. we always keep make the produce in our heart.

F FOXKEY will keep around you with happiness.

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