5 Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags, Potato Planter Bags with Handles and Flap Window

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  • LARGE CAPACITY - 5 pack 7 gallon potato grow bags have large space and sufficient capacity, allow the plant roots to grow deep and healthy. Ideal for most plants growing such as potato, onion, tomato, taro, radish, carrot,cucumber, aubergine, pepper, courgette and flowers.
  • STURDY FABRIC MATERIAL - Made of 300G thickened nonwoven fabric, these potato planter bags is fairly durable and environmentally friendly. Premium material, reusable and degradable, will not cause any impact on your plants, soil or even environment.
  • DURABLE HANDLES & ACCESS FLAP DESIGN - Two thickened grow bag handles are combined by double stitching technology. It's enough durable and highly tear-resistant to move bags full of soil easily and safely. Our vegetable grow bags have harvest visualizations windows, which you can observe the growth of the roots and easily harvest fruits without damaging the plant.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL & EXCELLENT DRAINAGE - These non-woven fabric pots provide excellent ventilation and perfect air permeability, ensure excess water drained quickly and offer sufficient breathing space for the root. Besides, our fabric planting pots can keep the plants warm during the winter and cool in the summer.
  • LET'S SEE WHAT WILL YOU GET - Package included 5 packs of 7 gallon potato grow bags, you can be rest assured to reuse them for many years. Besides, Tomvyter will provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the flower pot fabric, please feel free to contact us.

Different size options of potato grow bags from TOMVYTER: 

Fabric Pot 7 GAL: 9.8" Diameter x 13.8" Height 

Fabric Pot 10 GAL: 11.8" Diameter x 15.7" Height 

Why do you choose TOMVYTER fabric grow bags?

TOMVYTER garden grow bags readily breathe, keeping roots and soil oxygenated and cool throughout the year. These pots are moderately permeable, eco-friendly, ideal for developing strong, fibrous roots and keeping them healthy without needing regular root pruning.

Plant Grow Bags Features:

Made from 300G Non-woven fabric.

Keep roots warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Ensure the air circulation, let the roots breathe freely.

Great for vegetables and small fruit, such as tomato, potato and cabbage.

How to use?

Step 1: Choose the proper potato grow bag according to the size of your plant.

Step 2: Pour about 4 inches of pre-mixed fertilizer-containing soil on the bottom.

Step 3: Plant seeds in the middle of the bag and fill more soil. If the soil is not completely dry, it is best to wait for the plants to emerge and water.

Step 4: Observe the growth of the plants, and repeat adding water and soil until the plants appear on the top of the bag. Adjust the distance between plants if needed.