Fake Grass Pet Collection Pet Potty Training Pee Pad with Tray, 15" X 30"

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  • All Season: Rubber construction decreases weathering and ensures a long lasting product
  • Heavy Duty: This high quality PVC constructed multipurpose pet training tray is engineered to withstand heavy weather conditions, shoe scraping, or anything your pet has to throw at it
  • Conditions pets: train your pet well with the artificial grass, coniditioning them to only go potty outside
  • Multi-Purpose/Practical: Replace the pee pad and place it on the existing tray, where at the end of training, each can be separately repurposed for shoes, pets, pet feeding, gardening, plants, painting, tools, and anything else that may leave a mess
  • Convenient/Easy Maintenance: Portable, weatherproof, and waterproof. The 1 inch pile height to prevent spills when utilizing the tray on its own. Wash away the dirt with your garden hose and let it dry.

Ottomanson Pet Training set comes with two pieces, the tray and the noodle pad, making maintenance a breeze. Simply separate the two pieces, hose them off separately, dry the tray, and let the noodle pad air dry! In this all season set, the tray is contructed with rubber material, and the pee pad is constructed with high quality polypropylene, which prevent weathering and tearing, ensuring a lengthy lifetime. The pee pad is soft and permeable, so it will be comfortable for your pet. The tray is sturdy and easily portable, which will make it convenient for you. Place it wherever you would like - indoors, outdoors, backyards, gardens, porches, balconies - to give both yourself and your pet a seemless potty training experience! And once they are trained, feel free to remove the pad and utilize the tray any way you would like - as an organizer, Remove the noodle pad, a tray for shoes, place something soft on it and use it as pet bed, pet feeding, gardening, plants, painting, tools, and anything else that may leave a mess.