You Are My Sunshine Music Box - Gift for Dad from Son,Vintage Music Box

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  • Best Music Box Gift: This a cute wood music box is the best gift for your Dad from son
  • Lightweight Box: The size of this music box is only one palm of hand size, you can play it at any time
  • Father's Day Crafts: Our music box is made of high-quality wooden materials, and it is designed with precise music movement, no need to worry about quality problems.
  • No Battery Required: our music box does not need a battery, you only need to constantly Turn the handle of music box to ensure continuous music output, the melody is: you are my sunshine
  • Quality Gurantee: No matter how far away, our after-sales service is always around you

Product Description

Mini Size

This is a mini hand cranked size music box you can play, one palm of hand can cover it,

Pure Wooden Frame

The music box in pure wood frame is a treasured piece of art, high quality, and you deserve it.

Gift for mom from son

Special gift for Father's Day from son