Incense Burner,Lotus Incense Stick Incense Holder and Cone Incense Holder with Ash Catcher-4 Inch

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  • Durable Material - Made of high quality alloy, solid and durable.
  • Lotus Design - Lotus means a better life in the Oriental Culture. The burner combines the lotus and the jewelry designed shape, showing traditional and modern style.
  • Measurement - Lotus Plate: 4 inches Incense Holder: 0.6*0.5 inches
  • Multi-function - 5 holes can hold a variety of incense(Hem incense, Indian incense, Japanese incense). Detachable design - Remove the stick holder and it can be an aroma stove. Can be used with Stick/Cone/Coil incense/Aromatherapy burner. With your imagination, you can make more other interesting combinations.
  • Ash Catcher - No need to clean up the ash on the floor any more because the hold will collect all the ashes.

*Its diameter is 4inch. This is a perfect size because it can ensure completely catch incense ashes without any point falls outside.
*As a copper incense burner, it is more solid and durable.
*It is easy to clean since it can be washed with water, or directly wipe it with plaster.
*Solid brass vintage incense holder/burner, hold stick incense straight and steady.

This incense burner is a lotus of the east which has the significance of auspicious, and the hope that everything will go well. It is not only suitable for your own use but also a very suitable gift for relatives or friends. It is a gift that will let a person fondle admiringly.

Perfect for placement: Living room, bedroom, meditation room, yoga room, bathroom etc.

Package include:
1 * incense holder